Círculos de Fuego Collection

Circles of Fire

Dragons, universal symbols of strength and power. Carrera y Carrera craftsmen bring the smallest details of this mythological animal to life in precious metal, just like dragons born from earth and fire.

Dragon's Treasure

A treasure in the shape of a precious stone is hidden by our master goldsmith in each of the carefully crafted jewels.

Dragon´s Secret

Authentic masterpieces of art where one can appreciate Carrera y Carrera’s signature work in mini-sculpture. Jewels, that faithfully keep every secret of its owners.

Dragon´s Passion

Spectacular jewellery pieces shining with strength and emotion, designed for strong but feminine women with daring character.

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Nacimiento de una joya

Art that creates art

Carrera y Carrera’s vision is founded upon a rigorous and demanding creative process. A process that builds upon both the art and science of sculptural design. Carrera y Carrera’s skilled goldsmiths work tirelessly to make dreams come true.

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