Ruedo Collection

De Luces

Intricate gold filigree and extraordinary fine lace embroidery, integrated with the sparkle of sequins help define the bullfighter’s “suit of lights”. The meticulous tailoring in fabric inspired Carrera y Carrera to make beautiful jewelry in homage to their craft.


The tear-shaped Alamar is the most iconic and symbolic adornment on the “suit of lights”. The hand-embroidered golden threads on the suit required Carrera y Carrera craftsmen’s greatest skill to capture the texture and intricate shapes as a piece of jewelry.

Nacimiento de una joya

Art that creates art

Carrera y Carrera’s vision is founded upon a rigorous and demanding creative process. A process that builds upon both the art and science of sculptural design. Carrera y Carrera’s skilled goldsmiths work tirelessly to make dreams come true.

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