Tesoros del Imperio Collection


The magnificent ruffs of lightweight, sheer lace used by the queens of the Spanish Golden Age inspired these pieces of elegance, distinction, and sophistication.


The rich decoration seen in paintings of the embroidery, fabrics, and colors of the Spanish Golden Age is present in these elegant, highly embellished jewels.


Diamonds are the undisputed stars of this line. Isabel is a romantic collection where diamonds give an infinite purity and delicacy to the designs.


Pieces of great originality due to the voluminous and serpentine shapes that represent one of the most identifiable symbols of the Spanish Empire: dandy ruffs and lace cuffs.

Nacimiento de una joya

Art that creates art

Carrera y Carrera’s vision is founded upon a rigorous and demanding creative process. A process that builds upon both the art and science of sculptural design. Carrera y Carrera’s skilled goldsmiths work tirelessly to make dreams come true.

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