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A “cookie” is a data file which is installed in a user’s computer, tablet, or smartphone upon accessing certain web pages; it is used to collect and store information about browsing preferences from that particular device browser.  For more information on cookies, Carrera y Carrera invites you to click on the following link:


On this website, Carrera y Carrera uses the types of cookies detailed below:



Cookies strictly required to provide specific services expressly requested by the user; if these cookies are disabled or blocked, you may experience some difficulties with content loading correctly on this website.

·      LANGUAGE COOKIE:  Recognizes the language used on the last visit to customize the presentation of our website in the same language, understanding that it is the correct one for the user

·      PHPSESSID: Used to maintain the user session when accessing restricted or private areas.  This cookie is disabled once the browser is closed.



Analytic cookies used for monitoring and statistical analysis of the aggregate behavior of all users.  If these cookies are disabled, the website will continue to function without adverse effects.  However, we will not be able to obtain the information collected by these cookies regarding the use of our website, which in turn allows us to improve our services.

  • Google ANALYTICS ga.js:  Recognizes the number of visits, pages, or sections visited, navigation time, sites visited prior to entering our website, details about the browsers used, and information related to browsing itself.

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