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Carrera y Carrera corporate ethics

Declaration of the objectives of the Responsible Jewelry Council

“Our objective is to advance responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices, which respect human rights, throughout the diamond and gold jewelry supply chain, from mine to retail.”


The Responsible Jewelry Council is a non-profit organization that works to implement its declaration of objectives and reinforce confidence in  diamond and gold supply chain management by:

1. - Developing a “Code of Practices”, created in conjunction with key stakeholders, to define the ethical, social, and environmental standards to which all Members commit to in conducting their business activities.

2.- Requiring as a condition of membership that all Members apply the “Code of Practices” through a system that includes self-assessments,  and to which adherence is verified through an independent, third-party audit.

3. - Collaborating with industry members to give counsel and advice regarding corporate responsibility issues as they arise, and offering guidance regarding the use of the “Code of Practices” when implementing responsible business practices.

4.- Promoting awareness and understanding of corporate responsibility in key ethical, social, and environmental issues through work with all stakeholders, including industry participants, business organizations, governments, and civil society representatives.

5. - Advocating corporate responsibility within the industry and developing initiatives to address ethical, social, and environmental challenges through both publicly and privately funded projects.

6.-  Working with stakeholders and industry participants for continuous improvement of conformance to the norms and processes established in the above paragraphs, ensuring that these remain relevant and achievable and meet the ethical, social, and environmental challenges with due regard to industry business objectives.

7. - Encouraging Members to promote the adoption of the “Code of Practices” among its business partners.

8.  The possibility of incorporating and extending the opportunity of participation to the entire industry.


One of most prominent problems affecting the jewelry industry is that of African diamonds obtained from conflict zones.


In Africa, the illicit commerce of diamonds in conflict zones has been one of the primary sources of funding for many rebel groups and civil wars.  Following years of campaigning by human rights and international development groups, an international agreement was ratified in November 2002 to combat illegal trade in conflict zones:  the Kimberley Process.



The Kimberley Process is a system of certifications designed to stem the flow of conflict diamonds into the marketplace.  It was initiated in an effort to guarantee customers that they were not financing wars or abuses of human rights with the purchase of diamonds.

This Process was the result of a meeting of the diamond-producing states of southern Africa in Kimberley (South Africa) in 2000; finally an agreement was reached in November 2002between diamond-producing countries, diamond buyers, and the companies dedicated to diamond production.

Approved by the United Nations, the Process is conscience-based as it is practically impossible to control the entire chain of suppliers as the diamonds go from mine to the final consumer.



Carrera y Carrera, a company committed to the ethical, social, and environmental codes that it applies to all its activities, closely follows and strongly supports the Kimberley Process.

Since the Process was approved in 2002, Carrera y Carrera has required that its suppliers provide a warranty statement on their invoices giving assurances that the goods sent have been obtained from legitimate sources and are not involved in conflicts.  This warranty statement ensures that the diamonds are, to the knowledge of our direct suppliers, “conflict free”.  It is necessary to reiterate that the Kimberley Process depends on the conscience and commitment of all participants; it is impossible for Carrera y Carrera to control the entire supply chain from the moment the diamonds leave the mines.  However we do know that just as we require a warranty statement, so do our suppliers require the same from their own suppliers.

Company Ethics

(Carrera y Carrera, Member, Responsible Jewelry Council)


1. - We are committed to conducting our business activities with the highest degree of ethics, with integrity, transparency, and conformance to current laws.

2. - We will never participate in illegal or illicit activities.

3. - We do not tolerate illicit practices of any kind that may be undertaken through financial and/or commercial transactions.

4. - We will adhere completely to the Kimberley Certification Process and to the voluntary warranty system of the World Diamond Council.

5. - We will completely and truthfully disclose the characteristics of the materials in the products we sell.

6. - We will take all reasonable measures to ensure material integrity and security during transport of goods.

7. - We will respect business confidentiality and privacy policies.

Carrera y Carrera is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).  The organization was founded May 2005 and unites members from all jewelry sectors.  The Council members are committed to promoting responsible and transparent business practices, and believe that a global, unified approach to ethical, social, and environmental challenges will result in continuous improvement in the jewelry industry as a whole, to the benefit of interested parties.  For more information about this organization, please visit