Creativity is a characteristic inherent to Carrera y Carrera from its inception.  Its founder revolutionized the world of jewelry with his own style, a style that the brand has maintained and adapted to new trends thanks to its internal team of designers.

Manuel Carrera

Manuel Carrera: a dreamer in the jewelry world

Carrera y Carrera came to life at the hands of a jeweler and artist, a visionary and master of goldsmithing techniques. Manuel Carrera has been at the forefront of Spanish jewelry design since the second half of the twentieth century. He is widely acknowledged as the most respected designer, creative visionary, and innovative entrepreneur of the sector.

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Equipo creativo

Carrera y Carrera’s creative team

Carrera y Carrera has an internal design team of six young, dynamic, inventive people who are passionate about the world of art and design. The team understands the Carrera y Carrera core values and continues to create collections that preserve the brand’s style while reenergizing it with new ideas.

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